It usually takes a mastermind and a good plan to be a thief, but these guys had no plan and no brain, today we’re going through the 10 FUNNIEST THEFTS CAUGHT ON CAMERA

This first couple completely mess up this robbery, this ends so badly that the woman in this video actually somehow manages to fall through the ceiling before they are chased by the police

This next video went viral, this robber steals this guys wallet but then he notices the camera he hilariously pleas with the camera to forgive him as he returns the guys wallet

This next thief is seen robbing this store late at night but then he does something weird he starts dancing just before he leaves the store all completely caught on camera

This next thief was caught in the act he tries to rob a woman on a bus which completely fails he gets stuck in the door and the driver actually drives away, the robber gets completely stuck

These next two incompitent thieves in shanghai china attempt to rob this shop, one tries to smash a window with a brick but as he does his friend walks into his throws and falls down unconscious

This next brave heroine old lady manages to fend off this group of robbers trying to rob this rolex store, she single handedly stops the robbers from robbing anything

This next video went viral a few months back it's an ingenious idea by mark robber, these package thieves rob packages that they think are going to amazon or ebay customers but when they open it the package contains million of pieces of glitter ruining the robbers homes or cars

This next woman is a genius, she notices she about to be robbed as a man runs up to her so she throws all of her valuables over this fence so the robber can’t get it no matter what, the robber quickly runs away after

This next robber looks completely foolish when he tries to steal from a jewelry store, in this video the guy tries to run out of the store and doesn’t realise the shopkeeper can lock down the shop and trap the customer

This next thief gets his bike stuck in the gate when he attempts to steal from this rich estate, he literally tries for minutes to get his bike out of this gate as if it’s a puzzle

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