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This video talks in depth about interview preparation strategies including what to learn and where to search. We first talk about key areas of focus in the software engineering domain. The interview preparation space can be broken into 4 parts on the basis of:

1) Preparation Time

2) Software engineering Role.

Depending on where we lie, the interview preparation process can be streamlined. Below are the links mentioned in the video.


Made by engineers from Google and Uber, this site helps you build your algorithmic skills using code and white board explanations.

Be sure to use the code 'gaurav' for the discount. You get 30% off!

System Design Series:


Youtube Channels:

Arden Dertat:

Competitive Programming Sites:

Reference Books:

Databases by Korth

Algorithms by Cormen

Computer Networks by Tanenbaum

Artificial Intelligence by Peter Norvig

(Also work on one programming language really well)

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