Shinobee SSD Ultra 8 Core Gaming PC Multimedia Desktop Computer FX 8300 8 x 4 20 GHz GeForce GT

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Pure Power! This computer is equipped with an octa core processor as well as 16GB of memory, which provide more than enough power for applications, multitasking, word processing, surfing the web, and, of course, the GEFORCE GT 710 graphics make playing your favorite PC games a pleasure.

With a 128 GB SSD + 1 Terabytes of hard drive, it is ideal to store your data with space to spare. The computer also has a quiet power supply and a silent CPU fan to keep things cool and quiet. It has fast DDR3 memory, that is up to 20% faster than standard DDR2 memory

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit is pre-installed and ready to use upon arrival. A free office suite is preinstalled and included in your purchase. It is compatible with Microsoft Office programs (like Word and Excel etc) so that you and your family can complete any kind of project or task seamlessly between interfaces! 2 year limited warranty with 24/7 access.

Wi-Fi equipped! Ready for your WLAN

2 year warranty with 24/7 access to support

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