DIY Never-Ending Car Race Track


Sometimes the only way to settle a dispute with slime Sam is to make a cardboard race track and watch the cars race. This time he wants to make videos about exotic animals, like snakes. Sue prefers making videos about experiments or nice and safe cardboard crafts instead.

She's making a new cardboard craft in this video and it only requires cardboard, hot glue and patience. You'll need to use two types of cardboard - thick one and flexible one to create all kinds of unexpected turns! It's important to follow the draft, then all the parts of the race track will fit perfectly. One of the important pieces of this track are the legs. Make them sturdy to support the weight of the cars.

Sue reminds Sam of traffic laws and he eagerly makes up a few to suit their cardboard creation. 3:51 Check out the new slime traffic laws!

6:25 Are you ready to watch the greatest race in the history of this channel? There's a unique feature to this race Sue didn't mention to Sam. But all will work out well in the end.

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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