Approx. 12.83 ct topaz - buy me


Please share it around so that I get lots of offers and sell quicker. Thank you.

Hi, make me an offer to buy this, I'm liquidating assets to save having stuff stored forever in safety deposit boxes.

The black square is about 3 cm X 3 cm in area, for size comparison. The gemstone is about 17.5 mm X 15 mm in size.

This is sale by description, for security. Or must match what it is sold as.

This is a lovely stone, it looks flawless to my eyes, transparent, pale ice/sky blue. Oval cut.

Unknown if any treatments or not.

I'm after around AU $12,830 ono. Buying Guides online suggest that it may be at least US $1000 per carat... So a discount is based on the difference in currency values.

e.g. www.palagems.com/topaz-buying-guide

Colour, etc may vary from screen to screen and with different lighting. I just filmed in on a phone with the torch on.

Make me an offer.

Email me at [email protected]

Thank you.

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